[Freedombox-discuss] arkOS

Sean Alexandre sean at alexan.org
Wed Nov 6 19:00:42 UTC 2013

Here's an interesting project with similar goals:


Description: "[is] a Linux-based OS and software stack that allows users to
easily self-host a variety of services from anywhere, giving them
a decentralized alternative to Google/FB/Dropbox et al. It does this by using
established software suites but managing them with an intuitive graphical
management program called Genesis, removing the need to manage the system from
the command line. The goal is to make hosting a server as easy as using
a desktop PC or a smartphone for most people, as well as providing an increased
degree of privacy and security via many tools that are built directly into the
(from here: 

Some screen shots of the web UI can be found here:
and here:

The source code is here, and is GPLv3 licensed:

Seems like there might be some opportunities for collaboration. It's not
Debian, but runs on Raspian.

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