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Anders Jackson anders.jackson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 08:23:55 UTC 2013

Den 27 nov 2013 00:27 skrev "Tim Retout" <diocles at debian.org>:
> Can you point to "SecureIP" for me?  I'm struggling to search for it.

Sorry, my fault. I was thinking of IPSec,

> I think IPv6 will eventually mean that everyone has static IP addresses
> at home, but in the meantime not everyone can access IPv6-only services,
> can they?  So do the transition mechanisms make it possible to run
> services accessible by IPv4-only users?

Do you need IPv4 access in to your machine? We would still have IPv4 access
through IPv4 NAT. If all Freedomboxes have IPv6, they have peer to peer
access through encrypted connection. No need for fighting with NAT
traversal through one or more NAT routers.

Everyone will have many IPv6 nets, that is, many /64 nets from one /48
(2^16 nets) or /56(2^8 nets). No ISP should deliver anything less than /56
nets to customers, and certainly not less than one /64 net.  If they do,
run in the other direction. :-)
All your LAN should have /64 net ranges, so your machine can have many IPv6
addresses in that range.

There are IPv6 mechanisms to reach between IPv4 and IPv6 nets, like NAT64.
But usually machines have dual stack set up in LAN. If not for any other
reason to reach old equipment.

Hope it helps answer some questions about IPv6.

> Tim Retout <diocles at debian.org>

Anders J.
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