[Freedombox-discuss] Salut à Toi: The multi-frontends multi-purposes communication tool

James Valleroy james.valleroy at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 01:40:33 UTC 2013


>From the website:

Based on the powerful XMPP standard, SàT can do instant messaging of
course, but also many other things (and still counting). Here are some
of the features:

Microblogging: share your thoughts instantaneously
Group permissions: share what you want with only the people you want
File Sharing
Interaction with other networks: talk to your friends on IRC,
StatusNet, other XMPP networks, or potentially any network
Email client access: connect directly with any email client (MUA) like
KMail or Thunderbird, and send message on any supported network
and many, many other features (it's extensible !)

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