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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Wed Oct 9 10:30:56 UTC 2013

Quoting Lorenzo (2013-10-09 11:41:56)
> I was checking the TODO list prepared Nick Daly and I see some 
> references to integrating LDAP in the FB. I tried to find more about 
> it but I could not find anything in the mailing list archives nor on 
> the wiki. I'm writing this email because I spent some time thinking 
> about the need of LDAP in isolated hosts some time ago and I wanted to 
> share my findinings.

> 1) Centralized user authentication [...]

> 2) Centralized [access-controlled] configuration [...]

> 3) Read only directory of users of the box [...]

> Any Debian system already has [...] /etc/passwd [extendable with SASL, 
> PAM, Plinth, CardDAV and XMPP].

> For these reasons I think it's not necessary to put LDAP in the 
> freedombox. Maybe I'm overlooking something (maybe some critical 
> daemon is incompatible with SASL?). I hope what I wrote can be of help 
> in the design, I'm curious to hear what are the other opinions on this 
> topic.

Thanks for these reflections.  I look forward to some clarification for 
that too, as it isn't obvious to me either: Personally I haven't needed 
LDAP for any of the single-host systems I have ever maintained.

 - Jonas

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