[Freedombox-discuss] Add Raspberry Pi as a reference platform?

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Thu Oct 10 23:25:45 UTC 2013

Quoting Tim Retout (2013-10-10 23:31:24)
> Now, I have always heard Bdale talk about the Debian-based Freedombox 
> as a "reference implementation", implying to me that other groups 
> would build different compatible Freedombox software implementations 
> (e.g. Freedombox on Fedora, which afaik doesn't exist).
> So I would suggest shifting the language slightly; there is only one 
> "reference implementation" (i.e. Freedombox on Debian), which may work 
> on various hardware platforms.  Make the reference implementation 
> hardware-agnostic as far as possible, and then individual users can 
> make the decision about whether Raspberry Pi is acceptable.

My impression is that Bdale talks about a reference *hardware* platform.

What I work on is piecing together Debian parts not for that one 
hardware platform but for at *least* that one.

To me, FreedomBox is a certain type of hardware with a certain package 
selection and configuration, of a more generic operating system - i.e. 
should be usable on at *least* one hardware platform (that we call the 
reference platform), and should only contain services and tools already 
in common use among sysadmins in other contexts.

If Plinth is cool, then convince sysadmins more commonly that it is cool 
- embedding it only into FreedomBox makes it a weakness IMO!

Fedora or Ubuntu or whoever are welcome to mimic similar the system 
configuration of FreedomBox, and install it onto similar hardware.

To me, FreedomBox is not a specific system on specific hardware, but a 
broader concept, which we happen to implement using Debian: Some use a 
Linux desktop or a Linux phone, some use a FreedomBox.

 - Jonas


If you want FreedomBox on Raspberry Pi, I suggest to either a) convince 
the Raspberry Pi developers to mimic in Raspbian what we do in Debian, 
or b) convince Emdebian folks (i.e. the Debian developers most involved 
with ARM devices) that Raspberry Pi is viable for Debian.

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