[Freedombox-discuss] First Page In Google

Elena ``of Valhalla'' elena.valhalla at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 10:21:14 UTC 2013

On 2013-10-14 at 20:48:09 +0300, fr33domlover wrote:
> I'm not familiar with recent FreedomBox development. But if I had to
> guess I'd say FreedomBox prefers to use money to buy the currently most
> valuable resource: time of developers.

I believe that the message you are answering to is just random 
spam of the kind that tends to happen on debian/alioth hosted 
mailing lists: it's the price we have to pay for open 
posting policies.


> FreedomBox is alread found through Google, but I believe FreedomBox
> prefers decentralized non user-abusing services, and I guess it will
> employ such a search engine (like Yacy for example).
> Paying to be found in Google would be a strange way to spread its
> message...

Being on Google with a decent ranking *is* important for FreedomBox: 
people who are already using Yacy have probably already stumbled 
on it, and are probably proficient enough to install its components 
by hand on their home servers.

The people who need to know about FreedomBox are those that are 
still on Google, and only now realising that there are implications 
for their privacy, but they don't know enough to build their own 

Of course, there are good methods and bad methods for "being 
on Google", and paying a random "SEO expert" is definitely not 
among the good ones.

Elena ``of Valhalla''

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