[Freedombox-discuss] Cozy, a personal cloud you can host, hack and delete

Frank Rousseau frank.rousseau at cozycloud.cc
Thu Oct 24 17:07:04 UTC 2013

Le 23/10/2013 19:32, Johan Henselmans a écrit :
> On 23 okt. 2013, at 17:36, Frank Rousseau <frank.rousseau at cozycloud.cc> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>   I would like to introduce you to Cozy, a project that fit well with the Freedombox spirit. We started Cozy because we were annoyed by the fact that our personal data were spread among major cloud company silos. We wanted to take the full potential out of our data without worrying about privacy issues.
>> To solve that, we built a personal PaaS that is simple to use and allows everyone to host and build easily web applications that collaborate around their personal data. It's aimed to be run on top of a linux distribution and the software is libre and open-source. About who is behind the project, it is supported by a startup, Cozy Cloud, part of the Mozilla WebFWD accelerator (our business model is based on professional services around the solution).
> There are more initiatives in that direction, for instance https://www.qiyfoundation.org, with their commercial part under https://www.qiy.nl/en. They have based their framework around saml (XML security and authentication framework). At the moment their stuff is still closed source, but their aim is to set a standard in which one could get information from a person via some kind of service provider, at which you would give permission to some organization to look into your data for a specific purpose.
> I asked them about being my own service provider (which would be the basic idea of getting all the information on your own freedombox), but at the moment they were not yet able to do that. The interesting thing is that they try to set up a standards framework, like an IETF or IEEE standard. They have connectors to lots of data usurpers (passport/driver license info, school/student info, housing info, insurances, banks, shops etc) and try to make sure to make these connectors as generic as possible for a specifc branch.
> Via these connectors those information usurpers, a shop for instance, would be able to get the information that is needed for their purpose (after having permission from the owner of the information (ie you yourself). Imagine having the correct sizes of your feet and body being measured in some shop, given to you, and then you could supply another shop, tailor shoemaker with the correct info.
> If you could put all your information on the freedombox and be your own information service provider, than one would be able to even ask money for the supplied information. You’d be your own personal databank. And if some organisation, be it a state, health insurance company, dirty information provider etc does not behave correctly, one could disconnect your personal information box from that data usurper, or even better, supply it with incorrect information. Nothing better to make big data worthless as by supplying it with incorrect information.
Hi Johan,

   We are leading the same kind of experiment with a French Foundation 
and big French companies. What you describe is called the Vendor 
Relationship Management. It allows user to trade their with services 
given by vendors. We explained them that it can't work on a proprietary 
platform (Why taking back your data to give all of them to a single 
service provider that hides the process applied to your data?).

I agree with the incorrect information idea. Dirty data kills big data.




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