[Freedombox-discuss] How do we handle package upgrades on the Freedombox?

Anders Jackson anders.jackson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 12:06:55 UTC 2014

Just my 1 krona.

2014-04-15 8:24 GMT+02:00 Petter Reinholdtsen <pere at hungry.com>:

>> [Jonas Smedegaard 2010-09-01 13:07:45]
>> I strongly recommend FreedomBox to be a Debian thing, rather than an
>> on-top-of-Debian thing. I.e. *not* act on configfiles from a sysadmin
>> point of view but as part of Debian, obeying Debian Policy which
>> mandates no automated interaction directly with the content of other
>> packages.  We should not make same mistake as Debian Edu in relying
>> on Debian only for a) initial install and b) maintainance of _binary_
>> packaging parts, but also for c) maintainance of configfiles.

> I just know from personal experience in Debian Edu, that after 12
> years there are still packages lacking the support for configuration
> we need to do at installation or run time.  And it is not because we
> have not tried to convince the package maintainers that Debian Edu
> need the features needed.
> So to me, the choice is between no freedombox and finding a way that
> work after a few months of work.  But I would be happy if you have a
> better way I have not yet considered that will lead relevant package
> maintainers to maintain the add the support we need in a reasonable
> time frame.

Have to agree with Jonas Smedegaard here.  It is bound to fail if not
even start on that track.  Debian is, for me, about doing right
technical sollutions, even if it takes a long time.

There are always the possibility to have hacks which then are removed
when enough debconf support are added.

And lastly, with two projects working on this, Debian Edu and
Freedombox, there are a bigger chance that this will be done.  Which
will help other projects too.


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