[Freedombox-discuss] Per user temp directory using libpam-tmpdir?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Sat Aug 9 21:09:10 UTC 2014

[James Valleroy]
> I guess I'm not really clear on which package this bug would belong
> to. Should libpam-tmpdir have created the missing folder? Or is that
> something we need to do in freedom-maker?

libpam-tmpdir create the missing folder when a new pam session is
created.  I guess this do not happen in freedom-maker.  I am not sure
what the correct approach is, but either freedom-maker can be changed
to call processes in a way that create a new pam session, or it can
set TMP and TMPDIR to /tmp/ to avoid the problem.

Perhaps you got time to prepare a patch along these lines to fix it?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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