[Freedombox-discuss] Image for Rasberry Pi

Kai Wassermann kai.wassermann at gmx.de
Sun Aug 10 20:20:21 UTC 2014


this will be a newbie question.

I know a bit about the Freedombox and a bit about the RasPi.
I want to enlarge my knowledge on both topics and would like to make my
RasPi to a Freedombox. On the IRC channel I was told to either use an
old image for RasPi or to build my own.
I found only one image [1] and am pretty sure that it's outdated (older
than a year). I don't know (yet) how to build an image for the RasPi and
don't know either where to find the right sources to do so.
I'd like to have a link to a current image or a link to a manual how to
build an image for RasPi on a Mac, a Windows or a Linux machine.

Thanks in advance



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