[Freedombox-discuss] Program Space, a new lightweight virtualization technology

Rob van der Hoeven robvanderhoeven at ziggo.nl
Wed Jan 1 12:43:54 UTC 2014

Hi Leen,

> Yes, that is how I understood it.
> Your example used the model with bridged and DHCP-client in the container.
> I wonder what would be the models which fit best for the Freedombox.

My thoughts about this are: 

1) Automatic configuration is good! Almost any potential FreedomBox user
is likely to have a DHCP server running on the network (on the router),
lets use this.
2) Have two network interfaces, one for the local network and one for
the FreedomBox tasks. Put the FreedomBox interface in the DMZ of the
router (the router can do this based on the MAC of the FreedomBox
interface). The FreedomBox interface runs inside a Program Space
designed to forward traffic to other Program Spaces (NEVER to programs
running in User Space!). This is basically what I have been doing over
the last 3 years using LXC technology. 
3) Leave existing networks alone, do not change them. For my current
FreedomBox setup the network must be changed to a bridged network. I do
not like this at all! Why? Because I know there is a better way, I just
do not know how its been done. I do a lot of testing inside VirtualBox
VM's. With VirtualBox you can have a bridged network without changing
the network of the host. How do they do it? Anyone having ideas about

Happy new year everyone! 

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