[Freedombox-discuss] Darkmail: near the top of list of things to support?

Kevin Walke kev at oddworld.name
Mon Jun 9 14:36:04 UTC 2014

On 31/05/14 02:15, Sandy Harris wrote:
> Darkmail aims at doing genuinely secure email. They say that requires
> replacing SMTP because, even if the body is PGP_encrypted, the headers
> leak too much private info.
> http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2013/11/01/lavabit-and-silent-circle-form-dark-mail-alliance-to-thwart-email-surveillance/
> Last I heard, the Darkmail Alliance had only two members, the founding
> companies Lavabit and Silent Circle. They say they will have a draft
> this year for an open protocol which they'll encourage others to
> implement. Since some of the authors of the Open PGP RFC, basis of Gnu
> GPG, are among their team, this is plausible.

I've been following this closely.
Ladar Levison (Lavabit) has begun work (with a new team) on this without
the aid of Silent Circle so far (as they took a bit longer than
anticipated releasing their code as part of this [0])

There is also some thoughts on what darkmail needs to be to ensure it's
free and secure [1] which I tend to agree with.

> I'd say it's obvious we should track this, add it to the Box when
> there's a solid open source version. Should we do more? Implement it
> ourselves? Ask the FB Foundation and/or Debian to become members of
> the Alliance?

Agreed. If darkmail delivers then I think we should support it as soon
as we can.
It would be excellent to see the FB Foundation become members, and
Debian would be a coup and be a big profile raiser for both freedombox
and darkmail.

Anyone else have thoughts or opinions on this?



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