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Nick Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 20:53:31 UTC 2014

(Processing very old emails, sorry.)

Simo <s at ssimo.org> writes:

>>> Do yourself a favor... and use apache modules, mediawiki has a
>>> module to understand REMOTE_USER, so should other services like
>>> that. Once you find one that understand REMOTE_USER you can defer
>>> authentication compeltely to apache and not have to
>>> learn/implement/tweak each single service in a different way.
> ...use REMOTE_USER, it's at the same time a very low common
> denominator but also very flexbile because all you need to change is
> the apache configuration and not each single application.

This is tracked in the FreedomBox TODO list (line 122) [0, 1]:

- FreedomBox 1.0: Infrastructure: Add Single Sign On Support

Simo, Jonas, list, et al., please review that writeup when you get a
chance and let me know what needs to be fixed about it.  Please submit
fixes here or as pull requests on Gitorious or GH.


0: https://gitorious.org/freedombox-todos/freedombox-todos/source/HEAD:TODO#L122

1: https://github.com/NickDaly/freedombox-todos/blob/master/TODO#L122
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