[Freedombox-discuss] Test if your freedombox is working as it should (testsuite)

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Wed Mar 19 06:08:28 UTC 2014

[A. F. Cano]
> Just built a new freedombox for virtualbox and ran the tests again.
> Everything reported success except:
> error: ./dns-server.test: DNSSEC is not enabled
> error: ./jwchat.test HTTP access to did not work
> The first one was expected as the code is not there yet, per a previous
> email to the list.

I get the second one too.  It is a new test.  See the jwchat thread
for the history.  We are not yet sure how to fix it.

> I noticed that the first time I ran the virtual machine it booted up
> to the point of dealing with eth0, then it waited for a while (no
> new messages appeared for a while) and then I started seeing
> shutdown messages.  When that finished, it rebooted and then I got
> the login prompt, which is all I've been getting.

The boot and shutdown sequence is when it is running the firstboot
code.  Your machine seem to be working as it should. :)

> I can login as root and fbx, but I suspect this is not normal
> behavior.  How do I access plinth?

You can access it by visiting <URL: > with
your browser. :)

You can use the privoxy (8118), dns (53), tor (4431/9050) and XMPP
(5269) services on the machine out of the box, and can use plinth to
install owncloud (which need to be configured manually after
installation) using the web interface.

> Maybe this is a consequence of dealing with virtualbox and only one
> eth interface? I notice that the shell for the plinth login is
> /bin/false, so can't get to it that way.  I suppose there's no user
> documentation yet, right?

There is no user documentation yet.  If you had two interfaces, there
is a dhcp service on eth1 setting the box up as a router.

> Sending it the virtualbox "ACPI shutdown" seems to have no effect,
> the login screen remains.  Close -> power off the machine closes the
> window but I don't see all the shutdown messages.  Subsequent starts
> first display "MBR", then go through the usual boot messages and end
> up in the login screen.

Hm, acpi shutdown seem to be working for me.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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