[Freedombox-discuss] Trouble Building Raspberry Pi Image

Chris Troutner chris.troutner at gmail.com
Fri May 2 17:29:50 UTC 2014

Here's a bit more of an update on this issue:

I wanted to rule out my build environment so I asked Pere to build a new
image. As I reported before, I was able to load his 3-20-14 image and boot
the Pi just fine. His latest image, built yesterday on 5-1-14 would not
boot, same as my build. Both images can be found on his FTP server:


That is a strong piece of evidence to suggest that the build is broken and
it's not simply an issue with my development environment.

I followed the suggestion to create an /etc/default/bootlogd file,
attempted to boot the Pi, then read the /var/log/boot file. After I did
this, there was no /var/log/boot file created, which suggests to me that
the OS never even got to a point that it could begin creating the boot log

I did, however, find this /var/log/bootstrap.log file, which I pasted here:

A warning: there might be logged data of two boots in there. I'm not sure
if this file is deleted and recreated each time.

Either way, the bootstrap.log file indicates that the Pi ran into

Hopefully the changes to rpi-update are to blame (I don't know anything
about these), and like James says, it will be fixed in the next update.

If anyone can build an image AND boot a Raspberry Pi with it, please give a
shout out to this mailing list.

-Chris Troutner

> What do you get from the SD card itself?  Try following these
> instructions [0] from linuxquestions.org to enable boot logging and then
> post that file:
>     go to /etc/default/ and look for (or create) a file named
>     "bootlogd".  Inside that file add/ change a line so it reads
>     "BOOTLOGD_ENABLE=Yes".  The next time you reboot you will have your
>     boot messages saved in the file "/var/log/boot".
> In summary, on the SD card's /etc/default/bootlogd:
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> Looks like there is another issue caused by a recent change to
> rpi-update. This change to freedombox-setup should avoid the error:
> https://github.com/petterreinholdtsen/freedombox-setup/pull/26
> I would try building again after a new freedombox-setup release is
> available.
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