[Freedombox-discuss] Raspberry Pi Video Support

Ben Cook blj54 at wildcats.unh.edu
Tue May 6 18:55:58 UTC 2014

On 05/06/2014 02:44 PM, Chris Troutner wrote:
> I want to ask a simple question, but the more I think about it, the more I
> realize it's not a simple question. The simple question is this:
> Is there any support for the video output of the Raspberry Pi in the
> current version of Freedombox?
> I'm going to assume that very little to no effort has been expended to
> support the Pi's video output. Please correct me if this is a false
> assumption.
> The reason I don't think that is such a simple question is that Pi specific
> builds, like Raspbian, have great video support, so it could theoretically
> be moved in easily. However, I realize that many are begrudgingly
> supporting the Pi as target hardware because of it's proprietary binary
> blobs (although this may have changed?).
> My personal opinion (read: feel free to disagree with me) is that a 'killer
> app' for the Raspberry Pi/Freedombox would be along the lines of the
> ability to plug a portable hard-drive into the Pi and play DVD ISO files on
> the video output. I realize this is totally out of the scope of the goals
> of the freedombox, but it would be an easy way to incentive non-nerds to
> buy the hardware and install it in their living rooms.
> At that point, those people's nerdy, freedombox supporting friends can help
> them with the administration and add-ons of freedom promoting software like
> TOR, encrypted email, web ad filtering, etc.
> It would allow me to tell my friends and family: "Hey, give me $100 to
> build you this great media device that lets you store and playback your
> DVDs and music. And by the way, I can also load all this software for you
> that helps support libertarian, internet freedom and help protect you from
> NSA spying."
> What do you all think?
> -Chris Troutner
> http://experimentsinfreedom.wordpress.com/
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I think you've already answered your own question that such a feature is
entirely outside the scope of the freedombox project.  There are already
a number of projects that aim to turn the Raspberry Pi into a media
center.  Any one of them is usable today to achieve what you've suggested.

-Ben Cook

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