[Freedombox-discuss] Quick report from GETD

Markus Sabadello markus at projectdanube.org
Sun Apr 5 03:28:16 UTC 2015

We used Henry's server: https://github.com/read-write-web/rww-play

It seems a bit heavy for a little box and could probably be optimized a
bit, but in general it worked very well for us.
I am interested in trying GOLD as well! They should be compatible, right..


Am 4/4/2015 um 6:05 PM schrieb Melvin Carvalho:
> On 4 April 2015 at 20:17, Markus Sabadello <markus at projectdanube.org
> <mailto:markus at projectdanube.org>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     We concluded the GETD event this week:
>     http://get-d.net/get-decentralized-san-francisco-bay-area-spring-2015/
>     I brought several of my CubieTruck-based FreedomBox prototypes.
>     It turned out to be not so much a hackathon with a lot of
>     developers, rather it was a smaller gathering with presentations
>     and workshops and people from various backgrounds.
>     So unfortunately we didn't really get to work on any of the TODO
>     items that Sunil has put together.
>     German startup Jolocom <http://jolocom.com/>, who convened the
>     event, showed a demo of a mobile app where you can navigate a
>     distributed semantic data graph (using RDF / Linked Data technology).
>     So we installed a Linked Data server on the FreedomBoxes, and that
>     was the main focus of the event.
> Sounds very interesting, thanks for sharing.  I think linked data is a
> good match for freedombox.  Which server did you install, I've been
> testing GOLD [1] quite extensively lately, and am pleased with the
> results.  Would love to hear your impressions.
> [1] https://github.com/linkeddata/gold -- GOLD -- Go Linked Data server.
>     We also had participation from RiotOS <http://riot-os.org/>, with
>     some discussion how data from the Internet of Things could be
>     controlled via a FreedomBox.
>     I also had the pleasure to meet with:
>     - Greg who had introduced us to DNSChain
>     <https://github.com/okTurtles/dnschain> on one of the recent
>     progress calls.
>     - Ranga Krishnan of the EFF, who pointed me to LEAP
>     <https://leap.se/> as a candidate technology for secure messaging
>     on FreedomBox
>     - John Light who is working on a Bitcoin box
>     <https://bitseed.org/product/blockchain-node-developer-version/>
>     So once again it seems clear how a FreedomBox can potentially be
>     used for so many different purposes.
>     Therefore I think the extensibility of Plinth and package
>     management (as we discussed on the last call) is becoming more and
>     more important.
>     On Wednesday evening, we were invited to a party at the Internet
>     Archive.
>     I had the opportunity to give a talk about FreedomBox, see here
>     for the recording:
>     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YgOYjOGZuQ
>     <https://bitseed.org/product/blockchain-node-developer-version/>Next
>     week I will be at the Internet Identity Workshop:
>     http://www.internetidentityworkshop.com/
>     Markus
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