[Freedombox-discuss] Patches for Freedom-Maker

Sunil Mohan sunil at medhas.org
Sun Apr 19 11:18:11 UTC 2015

On 04/15/2015 07:59 PM, Nick White wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Attached are a couple of patches to Freedom-Maker.
> The first reverts vmdebootstrap's argument handling of 
> --no-extlinux, as it did not work (it would complain that the 
> --no-extlinux argument was not valid). I suspect it may work without 
> this patch with newer versions of python-cliapp, but I'm using 
> Wheezy, where it doesn't. Without this patch I couldn't build an 
> image at all.

What exact error are you facing here?  From what I recollect, grub and
extlinux can co-exist and installing both did not lead to a problem.

Since you are building on Wheezy, could this problem be Wheezy specific?

> The second patch removes the nonfree section for the BeagleBone. I 
> tested, and it seems to work fine without it (it certainly boots 
> without issue).

I have merged this patch into freedom-maker based on your report that it
works okay without non-free.  Thank you for the patch and the testing!

We will also be testing when we make images for upcoming 0.4 release.

By the way, the only reason we have non-free enabled here is because we
started with non-free enabled by default and we have not tested without
non-free for all the platforms.  There was some discussion on improving
the non-free situation[1], if you want to take a loot at it.

> Also, there were quite a few dependencies I needed to install before 
> freedom-maker would work, namely:
> - python-cliapp
> - kpartx
> - parted
> - btrfs-tools
> - debootstrap
> - qemu-user-static
> Shall I go ahead and add a section to the README listing these?

Yes, please.  Changes should go into the "To Make It" section.

We should also move out most of the README contents that talk about
Dreamplug debugging to the Wiki.

1) https://github.com/freedombox/freedom-maker/issues/15

Thank you,


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