[Freedombox-discuss] Idea: Help FreedomBox beat the stickiness of Facebook's/Twitter's network effect

Tom | iWouldDo.it tom at iWouldDo.it
Wed Apr 22 18:43:00 UTC 2015

Hey everybody,

below is my idea on how to give the FreedomBox community a new tool to migrate users away from the Facebook/Twitter/etc prisons:

The FreedomBox project being a new social network, it is fighting against (suffering from) the stickiness of Facebook's/Twitter's/etc network effect:

That means that people will switch to FreedomBox, if (as soon as) they know for sure that enough (or the right ones) of their friends will join, too.

But how can they know, given the fact that this is a complex, interdependent and dynamic conditional situation?

This is the problem we solve with iWouldDo.it at https://www.iWouldDo.it (just launched):

1. The initiator (for example someone from the FreedomBox Foundation) creates a "Campaign" which defines the action each participant will pledge to execute (i.e. "Join/switch to FreedomBox")

2. Participants can then pledge (to join FreedomBox) *under their personal condition* (i.e. "when at least 5 of my friends join too", or "when friends Alice, Bob and Chris join too", or "when 500 people from S.F. join too", etc.)

3. We monitor all conditions and will *alert people as soon as their condition is met*: This means that people are activated at the exact moment that is right for them personally; they will then easily go ahead and execute the agreed action (i.e. join FreedomBox).

In conclusion, we'd like to offer you our help for the setup of a Campaign for FreedomBox - like the one we have just set up for email encryption, at: https://www.iWouldDo.it/en/campaigns/2949/email-encryption

What do you think?

Kind regards,
Tom /founder of iWouldDo.it

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