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Lockwood Michael M.G.Lockwood at salford.ac.uk
Wed Aug 12 11:00:21 UTC 2015

Hi All

It's a while since I’ve posted on this list, but its time for me to ask for both guidance and instruction.

I’m an academic / designer / tech lover here at University of Salford UK.

I have recently passed through the first stage of my PhD and its time for me to build my practical components.

I’m interested in Decentralised Technology, Usably, User Journeys, Interface, Education and Adoption by the Average Person In The Street.

I want to develop educational materials and an intelligent educational application to deliver ideas, concepts and instruction. Either stand alone or incorporated within existing interface. If I can assist and work with Freedombox to achieve this it would be fantastic.

I have enclosed the Abstract of my work below. the full paper is available at Researchgate or I can send directly.

If somebody can connect me with the persons inside Freedombox I need to talk to it would be great.

All The Best

Mick Lockwood

Mick Lockwood
Lecturer In Digital Design  |  School of Art and Design
HT105, Centenary Building, University of Salford, Salford M3 6EQ
t: +44 (0) 161 295 4879
m<mailto:john.doe at salford.ac.uk>.g.lockwood at salford.ac.uk  | www.salford.ac.uk/art-design<http://www.salford.ac.uk/art-design>

Nodeism – The decentralisation of private data – adoption, usability and the required digital interface.  ‘An investigation into how a suitable interface and user journey should be designed to allow the participation and mass adoption of a decentralized internet’.

In our new reality of ubiquitous computing and Web 2.0 technologies, the privacy of the individual is becoming evermore compromised. The nation state and capitalist system endeavour to record and analyse personal data and communications with the objective to leverage control and influence and predict future behaviour at every juncture. The utopian vision of a free and open internet lies in ruins as states struggle to regain their political capital while a handful of Web 2.0 conglomerates entrench their recent dominance of our digital sphere. Surveillance theory aligns the status quo through the framework of Panoticon with the theories of Karl Marx, in that a class structure has evolved within a participatory culture to create the digital proletariat, while our perceived digital leisure activities and relationships become commoditised to generate surplus. The predicted resistance can already be seen as the open source community develops counter technologies with a vision of disbanding the centralized internet. The Average User 1 currently lacks the technical capital in terms of the machinery of production and necessary knowledge, this forming a barrier to entry. It is these barriers that form the main focus of this research. How can technical interface and user journey be developed to empower the Average User with the technical capital to resist a centralised Internet? This research, through practice, aims to develop theories of usability, user journey and staged education to investigate the potential of readdressing the balance of power to return a technical capital to the Average User.

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