[Freedombox-discuss] packagekit error

Sunil Mohan sunil at medhas.org
Mon Aug 31 14:59:10 UTC 2015

On 08/31/2015 08:23 PM, Bharath Chava wrote:
> Hi,
> While installing deluge from Plinth page, i am getting the following error:
> "Error installing packages: Cannot refresh cache whilst offline "
> On searching the Internet, i did the following
> Inserted "UseNetworkManager=false" in /etc/PackageKit/PackageKit.conf"
> then restarted the PackageKit service by
> sudo systemctl restart packagekit.service
> sudo pkcon repair
> But even then the error persisted.
> Please let me know how to go around this problem.

We faced this before, having at least one network connection managed by
NetworkManager is a workaround.  To do this, configure a network
connection in Plinth, comment out the connection in
/etc/network/interfaces and reboot.  It should work.

Currently, all network connections in a FreedomBox images are configured
using NetworkManager, so this hasn't been a big headache.  It would be
nice to have a solution.  It sounds like your configuration change to
PackageKit.conf should have worked.


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