[Freedombox-discuss] Raspberry Pi 2

Sikko sikko at gmx.net
Wed Feb 4 23:26:18 UTC 2015

Jens Thiele schreef op 04-02-15 om 22:37:
> it is simple to get a OSHW board, it is simple to find other people
> using OSHW boards, there is no reason to be afraid of free software or
> In summary:
> 0 argument(s) in favour of closed/non-free hardware (designs)


The point is not to have "purity" per-se, the world is not black-and-white.

There are a few other scenario's to consider.
Would you like more people to use Freedombox or are you OK with just a
few people using it?

Which scenario would be your preference:

-Millions of Freedombox users on RPI's getting warned by the box once in
a while to make sure to upgrade to OSHW boards and why, while protecting
each other from being an easy target? If RPi is breached, it will still
be more difficult to capture "all".


-Tens, maybe hundreds of users that will be using purely OSHW, leaving
the rest of the people to be tracked, and even you less safe because
there is computer-power enough to catch the few protected transmissions,
by companies institutions and states? (oh yes, and hackers)

So maybe some people will only have access to RPi's (or think so,
because you haven’t been explaining it clearly to all 7 billion people
yet.) and will try to use FreedomBox with it.

If you don't support its use, you could look into adding a security
infopage to Plinth that (among other issues) explains these issues to
users, and offers alternatives. This way you can offer advice to people
who are willing to upgrade, and add to the work that others do to
attract people to the project.

Some people have never even heard of OSHW, or even FOSS. So how do you
expect them to choose for OSHW?

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