[Freedombox-discuss] Intel Compute Stick

Wookey wookey at wookware.org
Wed Jan 14 02:57:26 UTC 2015

+++ Blibbet [2015-01-13 14:34 -0800]:
> AFAICT, all Intel hardware needs either legacy PC BIOS or modern UEFI to
> run. ARM can work without UEFI, the only vendors that use UEFI with ARM
> are using it for HW/OS DRM mechanism.

No. Server-oriented hardware is using UEFI because it matches customer
expectations (and make x86 and arm boot the same way, which is nice
for both distros and sysadmins). HW trusted-code mechanisms are

You can expect to see more ARM hardware booting with UEFI (which as I
understand it is in fact Free Software, although it can have non-free
modules) (and ACPI (boo!)).

Dev-board hardware is still being built with uboot, but higher-end and
consumer-oriented stuff is likely to come with UEFI, even in ARM
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