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Missionary Church Of Montana info at mcmontana.org
Mon Mar 16 12:43:49 UTC 2015


Receive Calvary greetings from Miss Ashley Gaskin from Missionary Church of Montana.

We have learned much more about the work you do through online and we are so much interested with the good work that you are carrying on and we therefore wish to donate some small funding for your project to goes to your project where funds is needed most .

Can you please send more information about how to send online donations through a payment gateway facility and advice how long it take before you get the funds donated online?

Thanks and  Kind Regards,


Thanks and   Kind Regards,

Miss Ashley Gaskin

Missionary Church Of Montana

259 Burlington Ave

Missoula, MT   59801
United States

Phone: (202) 595-1226
Fax:     (202) 595-0226

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