[Freedombox-discuss] March 29th Progress Call TODOs

Nick Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 20:33:49 UTC 2015

The call notes from the 2015-3-29 call are posted:


The TODO list is below, for reference:

- Marc: mod_auth_env needs to be moved.
- Marc: mod_auth_env optionally check VERIFY variable so we're examining both the username and local trust-level.

- Markus: RO Seth of LE. Let us know if no response next month.
- Markus: submit ITP for node-restore (for Unhosted applications) to Debian.

- Nick: find Markus some hackathon-sized bugs
- Nick: Fix openpgp2x509 to handle custom GNUPGHOME directories.

- Sunil: Jumping in to review the pagekite-augeas patches. 
- Sunil/Markus: Hash out Plinth#103
- Sunil/Markus/Michael: work on making http://freedombox.elevate.at/development/ ready to pull into plinth
- Sunil: send federico3 details to review for django-stronghold package sponsorship
- Sunil: Send Markus hackathon bug list

Thanks everybody for joining!
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