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Wed Nov 4 20:22:02 UTC 2015

> I understand a server appliance is the target hardware for which
> FreedomBox sw is being developed.  But if someone is already a Debian
> user, and would like to have a secure email server, will it be possible for
> them to install and run FreedomBox on their current Debian desktop
> system?  (Let's assume for the purpose of discussion that their current
> Debian system is something that complies with the hw requirements (whatever
> those are - my 1st inquiry) such as an Intel NUC.)  Do they still have
> to go out and buy a separate device in order to be able to use FreedomBox?
Per the 'Debian Installation' wiki page

> It is [...] recommended that you install FreedomBox on a fresh Debian
> installation instead of an existing setup.

The answer to your question then, within the context of the target audience
for FreedomBox, seems to be "Yes, you must use a separate device". A
FreedomBox developer might run a virtual machine on top of his existing
Debian machine, but I imagine that is not a supported configuration for
users. Maybe I'm wrong.
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