[Freedombox-discuss] Wiki content proposals

philippe at hyperlecture.net philippe at hyperlecture.net
Mon Nov 9 00:55:38 UTC 2015

Hello Petter

> I did not quote understand what you mean here.

-  Sorry :) I am taking wiki for what it is, documents opened to all. I 
am trying to push its potential. Translation only is kind of boring.

> How do you plan to keep this French edition in sync with the English
> version on <URL: https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Manual >?

-  Notifications and helping cleaning english documents. It is not 
crowded yet.

> I strongly recommend maintaining translations using PO files instead.

-  "Medium is the message". If you build a manual on wiki, you have 
pages opened to contributions and local creation. If you are using PO, 
you can do an official PDF manual. I trust this is a question of 
development stage and that, later, there will be some talks about how to 
handle official manual and community pages.

> git and PO files directly were a very high bar of entry for
> non-technical contributors.  Using Transifex as the editor removed the
> fear of git conflicts and allowed several to work on the same texts
> without any problems.  Any shared web editor for PO files would work.
> There are several, with widely different user interfaces and ease of
> use.

-  Interesting


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