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Markus Sabadello markus at projectdanube.org
Mon Nov 16 07:33:26 UTC 2015

Again, +1 to adding it to FreedomBox, it's a cool project.

All I'm saying is..
- Unlike everything else on the FreedomBox, running a blockchain node on
it doesn't immediately do anything for the user.
- Don't be too over-confident in any particular technology and its
consequences. Everything, including Ethereum and other blockchain
projects, has its upsides and risks.
- I've heard one of the core Ethereum contributors disapprove of
projects like FreedomBox. Some ideas around blockchains are so much "one
step ahead" that personal servers don't even play a role in them anymore.


On 11/15/2015 03:32 PM, Nick B-T wrote:
> On 15/11/15 12:00, freedombox-discuss-request at lists.alioth.debian.org
> wrote:
>> Ethereum is a fascinating project, however, what exactly do you
>> mean by "it is likely to be an indispensable element of
>> FreedomBox"?
> I mean that ethereum will do so much of the heavy lifting that
> Freedombox set out to do that Ethereum will be the "killer app"
>> Yes, your FreedomBox could be running an Ethereum node. And/or a
>> Bitcoin full node. There's another project called Bitseed
>> <https://bitseed.org/> which is already doing that.
> The thing is that Ethereum is a world computer.
> It is not about mining in the bitcoin sense.
> It is about decentralised and distributed trusted computing.
> Nodes do not need to mine hashes (or wont once things are ironed out)
> but if every instance enhances the system as a whole.
>> Unlike everything else on FreedomBox, running a blockchain full
>> node doesn't have any immediate benefit for an average user!
> See above
>> It's true and a quite cool thought that you're helping the project,
>> and you can be part of the blockchain network by doing this, yes. 
>> OTOH, running a blockchain node on a tiny box is pretty much
>> irrelevant for the larger network, given the existence of huge
>> mining pools.
> In deed the Bitcoin architecture is repulsive from a distributed
> decentralization point of view (as mining pools and ASICs illustrate)
> but the Ethereum project is not about cryptographic scarcity it is
> about computational abundance.
> I could not hope to describe the project better than this talk
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34RfEodTn_w&feature=youtu.be&t=1h27m24s at
> DevCon1 (the speaker is not charismatic like Eben Moglen but) if you
> are like me the message will give you goose bumps of joy.
> The talk is a high level overview of the future of distributed everything.
>> Another option (either as an alternative to running a full node, or
>> in addition to running a full node), is to run blockchain-based
>> apps on FreedomBox. E.g. you can have a Bitcoin wallet on the
>> FreedomBox, or you can install what Ethereum calls "Dapps".
>> +1 to adding Bitcoin and/or Ethereum to FreedomBox, just make sure
>> you understand what it means.
> If I understand evolution and game theory at all Ethereum is
> unstoppable and is exactly aligned with what Freedombox wants to be.
> It may well be that the Ethereum devs outflank Freedombox entirely but
> you have done so much cool work that could cross over.
> At the very least the FreedomBox foundation should consider becoming a
> DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) in partnership with the
> Ethereum community.  Sorry I've come over all evangelistic but I love
> the Freedombox project and I want to see it blossom, just depends
> where the seed lands I suppose..
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