[Freedombox-discuss] Wireless Mesh Netowrking

Bob Mottram bob at robotics.uk.to
Thu Oct 8 10:40:00 UTC 2015

On Thu, Oct 08, 2015 at 12:21:06PM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > FYI
> > Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network
> > http://www.AREDN.org/
> >
> > They're building a mesh network along the west coast of the
> > U.S.A. starting in San Diego County.
> This reminds me of the question of mesh protocol.
> Which mesh protocol should we set up with the Freedombox?  It is also a
> question of what community we want the FreedomBox to join?
> There are heaps of protocols out there, and it is unclear to me which is
> best and what kind of metrics we should use to decide how good they are.
> One inspiring project is <URL: http://www.servalproject.org/ >, but they
> seem to have made their own mesh protocol.  What are your views on mesh
> protocol?  What is important to consider?  What use case is most
> important for us?

I would suggest using batman adv. There's a kernel module for it already
existing in debian, and so no additional new packages need to be

For a mesh system I would also suggest installing toxcore, bttrack and
ZeroNet. I've recently been experimenting with that sort of mesh system,
and it works well with everything end-to-end encrypted. Unfortunately
those things aren't packaged for debian yet though, so that would be work
needing to be done to get it into fbx.

Another thing which I found in relation to mesh, which may be obvious
but I'll mention it anyway, is to avoid trying to crowbar things
designed for client-server (eg. IRC servers) into a mesh. That doesn't
scale well. In the context of a mesh try to stick to things which are
designed to be peer-to-peer.
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