[Freedombox-discuss] Add remoteStorage to FreedomBox

Markus Sabadello markus at projectdanube.org
Sun Oct 11 15:23:22 UTC 2015


I think in the past I already mentioned Unhosted <http://unhosted.org/>
a few times.
The idea is that you can run client-side browser apps such as Litewrite
<http://litewrite.net/>, which store all data on your "remote storage".
I'd like to propose that now may be a good time to add this to FreedomBox.

I created a PDF that shows the basic user flow with screenshots:

Also, I created a Debian package for the remoteStorage server:

The package is available at this Debian repo that Michael and I use for


1. Could someone help to review my Debian package, look for bugs, and
then help actually getting it into Debian?
2. Sunil are you interested in showing this at the SFLC demo?

I think this is a super powerful function for FreedomBox, since it's not
just yet another "thing" that you self-host, but really a new way to
think about our online data..

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