[Freedombox-discuss] Initial login

paul at hartallen.com paul at hartallen.com
Tue Apr 5 11:24:16 UTC 2016

Bob & Petter - thanks for your responses.

I should have provided more information in my original post:

* I have written the image  
freedombox-unstable-free_2015-12-13_cubietruck-armhf.img to an SD  
micro card
* Inserted the card into the TF reader on a metal case cubietruck  
(like http://www.cubietech.com/product-detail/cubietruck-plus-metal/)  
and the reboot the device
* I'm then prompted with:
"Debian GNU/Linux stretch/sid freedombox ttly
freedombox login:"

... and this is where I'm stuck.

You'll have determined already that I'm pretty unfamiliar with Linux -  
so I need and would appreciate more detailed assistance. Is there a  
default user/password to login here? If not, I need help in  
understanding how I login "via the browser at freedombox.local" as you  
suggested. (In return, I'd write-up the details of getting started  
with Freedombox for others who join down the road.)

Many thanks, Paul.

Quoting Bob Mottram <bob at robotics.uk.to>:

> On Tue, Apr 05, 2016 at 10:40:52AM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
>> [Bob Mottram]
>>> I havn't tried the latest build, but I think the way to initially log
>>> in is via the browser at freedombox.local. As far as I know the
>>> initial account creation then allows you to use ssh with the same
>>> login details.
>> Hm, perhaps we should set up the default ssh login to start a text based
>> web browser and allow the setup to be performed via ssh too?  Not sure
>> it is a good idea, but would be fun to try.
>> But at the very least, we could try to modify the ssh setup to tell the
>> users trying to log in to use a web browser instead, to avoid this
>> confusion that have popped up a few times here on the list.
> You could do like I do on Freedombone and maybe have an initial default
> ssh login, but the first time the user logs in it changes the password
> to something random and displays the new password so that they can copy
> it into a password manager. That avoids the problem of weak passwords
> and universal defaults. Also it might be an idea to have a ssh/dialog
> based setup for the initial account creation.

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