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Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen miki at mikini.dk
Tue Apr 5 11:37:31 UTC 2016

Hi there.

On 2016-04-05 12:10, Bob Mottram wrote:
>>> I havn't tried the latest build, but I think the way to
>>> initially log in is via the browser at freedombox.local. As far
>>> as I know the initial account creation then allows you to use ssh
>>> with the same login details.

Yes, the password of the fbx user was removed just around v0.7 in
https://github.com/freedombox/freedom-maker/issues/12, so the user does
exist but won't be able to login.

Only users created through the web interface/Plinth are able to login to
both the web interface and the shell, i.e. you need to go through the
"first boot" process in the web interface to achieve access.

For that you'll need a computer with a browser connected to the same
network as the FreedomBox. In the browser you should access either the
IP of the Freedombox or try the freedombox.local local dns which might
work depending on the way FreedomBox is being run (I've suggested
exposing the IP on local VCs to make this easier;
If you see a welcome message you have hit Plinth (FreedomBox's web
interface) and you should be able to configure a user and the services
on the box.

If you are in trouble (unable to access Plinth using a browser) there is
a tool to set the password directly on a disk image at

> You could do like I do on Freedombone and maybe have an initial 
> default ssh login, but the first time the user logs in it changes
> the password to something random and displays the new password so
> that they can copy it into a password manager.

Haven't seen Freedombone before. Looks nice, especially for a terminal
junkie ;).

> That avoids the problem of weak passwords and universal defaults.
> Also it might be an idea to have a ssh/dialog based setup for the
> initial account creation.

I guess a sshd banner (which is shown pre-login) would be the no frills
solution to defer advanced users to the web interface for first time setup.


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