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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Wed Apr 20 18:22:38 UTC 2016

Quoting Dietmar (2016-04-20 19:40:16)
> I realized, owncloud is still in SID, there is just a dependency which 
> is unresolved. A bug has already been reported. owncloud was removed 
> from TESTING though.

I guess your emphasis is because you expect sid to work when owncloud 
exist there.

Please beware that the very purpose of sid is to be the messy place of 
_stable_ packages with _unstable_ relationships. Yes, owncloud _exist_ 
in sid, but it depends on php packages (old versions of 
php-doctrine-dbal and php-pimple) no longer there.

Originally you wrote:
> apt wants to remove owncloud from my sid Freedombox. Has it already 
> been removed from SID? I was hoping to have some more time to find an 
> alternative. One will be Radicale for the calendar, are you already 
> working on one for the data storage?

No, APT does not want to remove owncloud.  APT wants to solve a 
conflict, where (according to its configuration) the favored solution is 
to remove that one single package.  If you want to exlore other 
solutions (like holding back updates to PHP or perhaps removing hundreds 
of other packages) then use aptitude frontend to APT, or try tweak APT 
configuration to favor differently in less interactive frontends.

No, sid is not the place to "have more time" - sid is by design a place 
of turmoil: It changes every 6 hours!  If you want more time. then use 
http://snapshot.debian.org/ or create your own custom derivative of 
Debian containing purely official packages yet a mixture of outdated and 
up-to-date ones - e.g. using reprepro.

But if you want to help develop FreedomBox, then please stop circumvent 
problems but face them and either let go of the code or help fix the 
issues: https://packages.qa.debian.org/owncloud

 - Jonas

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