[Freedombox-discuss] Radicale User rights

Dietmar ndcdhimdsa at gmx.de
Tue Apr 26 18:07:29 UTC 2016

I am currently playing with radicale, clients are Evolution and an
Android phone with DAVDroid (was more stable than caldav).
My use case is that I have one calender (just successfully migrated from
owncloud) for my family, where we all have read and write access to.
Now I want to add another calender for friends to organize trips and a
personal task list (Evolution and OpenTasks). The problem of course is
that all users have the same rights on all calenders, so my friends
could read my personal tasks and the family calendar.

Changing this is apparently not so easy as the calendars are managed by
radicale, not the FBx. 
I have been wondering if one should not be able to define groups
manually (such as "familyCalender", "friendsCalendar"), assign users to
these groups, the calendars to the groups and then set the corresponding
rights in the radicale configuration. This probably is a heavy user

Does anyone else have such a use case as me?


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