[Freedombox-discuss] Plinth v0.10.0 released

James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Sat Aug 27 13:05:58 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Plinth v0.10.0 has been released, and is now available in Debian testing.

For those running v0.9, if "Automatic Upgrades" are enabled in Plinth,
then it should be upgraded soon (or may have already).

Note: There is an issue when using the "Upgrade now" button in Plinth to
upgrade Plinth itself [1]. To upgrade smoothly, I recommend using
"Automatic Upgrades" instead.

Currently the SIP Server (repro) and Bookmarks (Shaarli) are not
available in Debian testing.

Summary of changes since v0.9.4:

  * Updated Plinth to support Django 1.10.
  * Added a page to display recent status log from Plinth. It is
    accessible from the 500 error page.
  * Tor: Added options to toggle relay and bridge relay modes.
  * Radicale: Added access rights control.
  * Ikiwiki: Updated suggested packages.
  * Users and Groups: Fixed editing users without SSH keys.
  * Networks: Added basic support for configuring batman-adv mesh
  * Networks: Fixed incorrect access for retrieving DNS entries.
  * New languages:
      o Persian (50% translated)
      o Indonesian (not started, contributions needed)
  * New modules added to Plinth:
      o Disks: Shows free space of mounted partitions, and allows
        expanding the root partition.
      o Security: Controls login restrictions.
      o Snapshots: Manages Btrfs snapshots.

The full change log is available in the Plinth repository [2].

Thanks to all who contributed to this release!

[1] https://github.com/freedombox/Plinth/issues/562
[2] https://github.com/freedombox/Plinth/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md


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