[Freedombox-discuss] Error 405 when setting up a calendar in Radicale.

A. F. Cano afc at shibaya.lonestar.org
Sun Dec 4 03:32:12 UTC 2016

FreedomBox version: testing (stretch/sid in /etc/debian_version)

Radicale is installed and passes all the tests:

Diagnostic Results
Module: radicale
Test	Result
Listening on tcp4 port 5232				passed
Listening on tcp6 port 5232				passed
Access URL on tcp4		passed
Access URL https://[::1]/radicale on tcp6		passed
Access URL https://<local IPv4>/radicale on tcp4	passed
Access URL https://[<IPv6>]/radicale on tcp6		passed
Access URL https://<external IPv4>/radicale on tcp4	passed
Access URL https://localhost/radicale on tcp4		passed
Access URL https://localhost/radicale on tcp6		passed
Access URL https://fbx/radicale on tcp4			passed

Per these instructions:


I'm trying to set up Korganizer (up-to-date Debian 8.4/stable), but
I'm stuck at step 12: "Click Fetch." I get a "There was a problem
with the request. (405)."

The Remote URL I entered was:


Where <admin-user> is the only user (with admin privileges) set up
on the FreedomBox.  I also get the same error if I don't include
"Calendar.ics" or the admin user.

>From searching the web I gather that 405 is "Method Not Allowed" but I
haven't found anything more specific.  Definitely nothing related to the

The FreedomBox is accessible and working fine in all other respects.

There appears to be no radicale configuration item that might help.  The
only one I see is the access rights.  I have it set up so that only the
owner can see or make changes.

The FreedomBox-specific page:


only has instructions for the Evolution client.  The only difference I can
see is that this client asks for the name of the calendar, but this should
not matter as I'm creating the CalDAV calendar and the name is included in
the "Remote URL" field.

Any idea out there as to what is happening? Any suggestions?



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