[Freedombox-discuss] raspi 3

tunda tunda at mail36.net
Fri Dec 9 10:25:21 UTC 2016


I'm new on this mailing list. hello to everyone.

But I have a quetstion or problem. maybe someone can help me to solve it.

I have a raspberry3 V2. I have flash the imgage
(freedombox-testing-nonfree_0.9_raspberry2-armhf.img) to the microSD.

I plugin all devices I need, (Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Networkcable).
PowerOn, ok the raspberry is booting, but ends with a loginscreen
(terminal). Whats frong?

first: I can not login.  what is the login/password?
second: I realy need a grafical surface (GUI)

best regards

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solange man bereit ist über den Stand der Dinge nachzudenken."

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