[Freedombox-discuss] Landing page translations

Marc Jones marc at joneslaw.io
Sat Jan 9 16:14:02 UTC 2016

Thanks everyone for showing up to the Hack call today. I think we made some
progress on ideas for the landing page.

We need to do a few things to keep it moving forward. We have previously
discussed using Jekyll as the framework for building the landing page.
Before we go down the Jekyll path though we would like to make sure that we
use weblate for translating the freedombox.org too. If anyone has
experience using jekyl and translation files we would love to hear from
you. It looks like there is a multilingual plugin for Jykell, but uses YAML
files for the translation text.
https://github.com/screeninteraction/jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin. Does
anyone know if this will work with weblate?

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