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Marc Jones marc at joneslaw.io
Sat Jan 9 17:18:11 UTC 2016

Thanks for the good discussion on the social hack call today. We talked a
lot about fleshing out the purpose of the site and strategy for presenting
the project.

I create a page with my notes from the call here (

Basically the idea for the site is to present a general overiew, a brief
quick start getting a single board computer up and running with OwnCloud
and maybe Mumble or Privoxy.

We also want to show off/present the range of functions that a Freedombox
does too. We are still talking about a good visual way to present the
features of a Freedombox, but we want to start by brainstorming a list of
features or roles that a Freedombox has. This should be a wide range of
features that presents the range of roles that a Freedombox can do. The
final version we present on the landing page won't be a complete list, but
it should be a representative list to show people the possibilities.

So to start off, here is my list of features/Roles that FreedomBox has:
* Secure and Anonymous Networking - (tor, openvpn)
* Privacy Protection - (tor, privoxy)
* Web Hosting - Tor Hidden services, Dynamic DNS, PageKit)
* Calendar and FileSharing - Owncloud
* Voice Communication - Mumble
* Webpage and Wiki - Ikiwiki
* Secure Wireless Router -
* Personal Home server

What other roles or features does Freedombox have? or What other ways can
you describe/think about what Freedombox can do?

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