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Please also have a look at the German https://freifunk.net/ initiative.
Additionally to realizing such a mesh they kind of solve a particular
German legal problem called "Störerhaftung" by routing the traffic
through a VPN to Sweden before going into the public internet. I am not
sure which hardware they use but they have a dedicated firmware for
this. They are testing with TP-Link TL-WR841N, which costs about 16
Euro. My idea still is to somehow combine it with my freedombox some


Am Donnerstag, den 14.01.2016, 16:12 -0500 schrieb David Solomonoff:

> Possibly slightly off-topic but ...
> I recently connected with hardware developers interested in designing
> and manufacturing a low-cost open source router for wireless mesh
> networks.
> The FreedomBox could potentially be integrated.
> I'm reaching out to get input on what features would be useful. The
> sky is the limit here as we haven't gotten started although we have
> the design talent and manufacturing facilities lined up.
> So ... something along the lines of:
>       * Small form factor
>       * Very low cost
>       * Low power consumption
>               * Possibly solar powered
>       * Built-in crypto
>               * Blockchain?
>       * Easily hacked/modified
>       * User-friendly
>               * Easy for non-technical user to configure and deploy
> What other features would be useful?
>       * In places where security is an issue
>               * Repressive governments try to block
>               * Criminals and terrorists try to exploit
>       * Difficult terrain or other environmental issues
>       * Interference is a problem - in dense urban areas for example
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