[Freedombox-discuss] User module diagnostic failed and no more SSH access

Tim Mohrbach preexo at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 15 16:32:29 UTC 2016


I noticed that I don’t get inside my box anymore via SSH.
When running the user module diagnostics in plinth, it fails with all tests: 

Diagnostic Results
Module: users
Test	Result
Listening on tcp4 port 389	failed
Listening on tcp6 port 389	failed
Check LDAP entry "dc=thisbox"	failed
Check LDAP entry "ou=people"	failed
Check LDAP entry "ou=groups"	failed

When saving the user again as admin in plinth again, it said that it failed adding the user as admin: “Failed to add user to group."
Changing the password via plinth works, but still no access via SSH.

Any idea what happened? How I can gain access via SSH again?

Thanks for any help and best regards!

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