[Freedombox-discuss] Adding a partition

Dietmar ndcdhimdsa at gmx.de
Sun Jan 31 19:48:38 UTC 2016

I moved my Fbx installation to a LIME now. The root partition has 4 GB
and the micro-SD card in total 32 GB. So there is plenty of space left
for my data. I would like to create another partition at the end for the
owncloud and ikiwiki data and whatever will come in the future.
Up to now I have always used EXT4, so I have no experience with btrfs.
How do I create that file system? 
I am thinking of mounting that partition as /data and replace e.g. the
owncloud data directory with a symlink to  /data/owncloud-data. Is that
a good approach? I have never done such before, even though I am running
on linux since 10 years now.

Thanks for any advice.
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