[Freedombox-discuss] Cannot ssh into the box any more

znoteer at hailmail.net znoteer at hailmail.net
Thu Jun 2 00:21:21 UTC 2016

On Wed, May 18, 2016, at 09:14, Sunil Mohan Adapa wrote:

> Last resort is to pull out the SD card (or Qemu/VirtualBox image) and
> work on it:
> mount /dev/sdX2 /mnt
> cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static /mnt/usr/bin
> (if FBX is on foreign architecture)


I'm just getting around to trying to fix this.  The freebx file system
is from a sheeva plug (kirkwood).  I'm mounting it on a x86-64 system.

I don't have qemu-arm-static as an option in /usr/bin.  I installed
first qemu-system-arm, which pulled in a couple of other packages. That
added qemu-img, qemu-io, qemunbd, qemu-system-arch64 and qemu-system-arm
to /usr/bin.

Next I installed qemu itself.  A bunch of other stuff was pulled in as
dependencies.  That added qemu-arm and qemu-armeb to /usr/bin.

Will one of these qemu-* files work in place of qemu-arm-static? Or, do
I need to install something else?

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