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>> Hi all,
>> I've been lurking on this list for a while, mainly because I'm really
>> interested in the freedom box project. It seems to me like a worthwhile
>> cause, and I hope to implement a freedom box soon (once I have the
>> time). It's a great project and much needed!
>> However, with news out of the US federal courts today (see, e.g.
>> https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/06/federal-court-fourth-amendment-does-not-protect-your-home-computer
>> )
>> I wonder about the future of the project.
>> On the one hand, civilians using freedom box will still be able to host
>> their own data and keep it away from corporate entities. On the other,
>> the federal government (in the US, anyways) is trying very hard to make
>> it legal to break in to home computers (of domestic citizens) without
>> warrants.
>> So, to those who are much more intimately involved with freedom box than
>> I am, how does this effect the future of the project?
>> Cheers,
>> -Bill
> Actually, the government had a warrant in the linked case, just an
> arguably insufficient one for people who logged into their honeypot.
> Hosting your own data is still the single best thing you can do protect it
> from unwanted disclosure, including federal government.  Don't see this as
> affecting that much.  I recommend www.digitaldueprocess.org for further
> reading and supporting House-passed legislation to amend ECPA..

Apologies for not changing subject in my previous email.
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