[Freedombox-discuss] 4th Amendment Troubles

pb peter.bednaric at gmx.de
Sun Jun 26 14:05:19 UTC 2016

Regarding "bringing my data back to where I can control it“:

In Germany there is an alternative solution available, called TrutzBox (comidio.de). It´s a commercial product based at PCEngines APU and software is open source. Looks like it has a FreedomBox similar architecture but TrutzBox could be operated by non-technical experts. 

- mail and xmpp traffic is transmitted through tor-hidden-services plus additional encryption (means also meta-data are hidden),
- video-/audio-conference server based on WebRTC,
- local ca, 
- http-proxy based on node.js developed by comidio (more flexible and easier to manage by by non experts than privoxy). Users get an easy-to-use security-slider in the browser which enables him to control actual security-configuration.

More details (for German readers) could be found at TrutzBox Kompendium https://comidio.de/support/


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