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phylophyl philophil_debian at hyperlecture.net
Fri Mar 11 10:05:24 UTC 2016

Suggestion 4 : put Dynamic DNS app in on the Setup page rather than 
apps. Grouping under Domain name what is related to it.


Le ven. 11 mars 2016 à 10:47, phylophyl 
<philophil_debian at hyperlecture.net> a écrit :
> Making a FreedomBox public domain can be a lot of pain for people 
> discovering network technics. At first to figure out what has to be 
> done, then to do it. Here are some suggestions as a feedback.
> Philippe "phylophyl"
> Suggestion 1: a few extra text for the manual or to display when 
> setting up a freedombox domain name.
> Suggestion 2: an app or option to configure automatically the router 
> (static internal ip, ports) ? Make GnuDIP registration directly from 
> FreedomBox ?
> Suggestion 3: focus also on router devices images and apps to avoid 
> painfull steps ?
> SOME EXTRA TEXTS (first draft)
> /plinth/sys/config/
> Add text after Domain Name field ?
> "Before entering a domain name, verify if your ISP provides a static 
> or a dynamic internal adress for your router. Enter directly a 
> standard domain name or your IP public address if it is static. In 
> case of dynamic DNS, ask your ISP to provide a static public IP. 
> Another solution is the DIY way: configure your router, create a 
> static domain name at a dynamic DNS provider and activate FreedomBox 
> Dynamic DNS application. Feel free to use #freedombox IRC cana and 
> the mailing listl for 24/24 help. If you are not familiar with 
> internet network, please browse and read about domain names, local 
> area networks, Domain Name System (DNS) and dynamic DNS."
> /plinth/apps/dynamicdns/
> add an extra section called "How To" after About/SetUp/Status ?
> How to configure your router in case of dynamic DNS :
> 01 - Find out the mac address and current local IP of your device 
> running FreedomBox.
> 02 - Open your router admistration web interface.
> 03 - Set Up an exception for your device as a static local IP.
> 04 - Create a port forwarding for 80 (http server) and 443 (https 
> secure server) ports to your FreedomBox IP (made static).
> 04 - Leave the router interface, your public IP should now provide a 
> direct access to your FreedomBox (use http://myip.datasystems24.de to 
> find out your public IP).
> How to create a DNS name with GnuDIP
> 01 - Access to GnuIP login page (answer Yes to all pop ups)
> 02 - Click on "Self Register"
> 03 - Fill the registration form (Username and domain will form the 
> public IP address [username.domain])
> 04 - Take note of the username/hostname and password that will be 
> used on the FreedomBox app.
> 05 - Save and return to the GnuDIP login page to verify your 
> username, domain and password (enter the datas, click login).
> 06 - Login output should display your new domain name along with your 
> current public IP address (this is a unique address provided by your 
> router for all your local devices).
> 07 - Leave the GnuDIP interface and open the Dynamic DNS Client app 
> page in your FreedomBox.
> 08 - Click on "Set Up" in the top menu.
> 09 - Activate Dynamic DNS
> 10 - Choose GnuDIP service.
> 11 - Add server address (gnudip.datasystems24.net)
> 13 - Add your fresh domain name (username.domain, ie 
> [username].freedombox.rocks)
> 14 - Add your fresh username (the one used in your new IP address) 
> and password
> 15 - Add your GnuDIP password
> 16 - Fill the option with http://myip.datasystems24.de (try this url 
> in your browser, you will figure out immediatly)
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