[Freedombox-discuss] Dynamic DNS app : some suggestions

Daniel Steglich steglich at datasystems24.de
Sun Mar 13 08:32:29 UTC 2016

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Maybe also some kind of automated account creation process would be nice
If the user doesn't have a Dynamic DNS account yet, he may be asked on
the plinth UI if he wants
to create one.

Maybe the user could fill the Dynamic DNS form and select a check-box
like: "create account on server".
Afterwards the Dynamic DNS service could use some REST API to create a
account on the server and display error messages (if the
domain or the user name is not available anymore).

But FreedomBox features would depend on some central infrastructure in
that case.


On 11.03.2016 10:47, phylophyl wrote:
> Making a FreedomBox public domain can be a lot of pain for people 
> discovering network technics. At first to figure out what has to
> be done, then to do it. Here are some suggestions as a feedback.
> Philippe "phylophyl"
> Suggestion 1: a few extra text for the manual or to display when
> setting up a freedombox domain name.
> Suggestion 2: an app or option to configure automatically the
> router (static internal ip, ports) ? Make GnuDIP registration
> directly from FreedomBox ?
> Suggestion 3: focus also on router devices images and apps to
> avoid painfull steps ?
> SOME EXTRA TEXTS (first draft)
> /plinth/sys/config/ Add text after Domain Name field ?
> "Before entering a domain name, verify if your ISP provides a
> static or a dynamic internal adress for your router. Enter directly
> a standard domain name or your IP public address if it is static.
> In case of dynamic DNS, ask your ISP to provide a static public IP.
> Another solution is the DIY way: configure your router, create a
> static domain name at a dynamic DNS provider and activate
> FreedomBox Dynamic DNS application. Feel free to use #freedombox
> IRC cana and the mailing listl for 24/24 help. If you are not
> familiar with internet network, please browse and read about domain
> names, local area networks, Domain Name System (DNS) and dynamic
> DNS."
> /plinth/apps/dynamicdns/ add an extra section called "How To" after
> About/SetUp/Status ?
> How to configure your router in case of dynamic DNS : 01 - Find out
> the mac address and current local IP of your device running
> FreedomBox. 02 - Open your router admistration web interface. 03 -
> Set Up an exception for your device as a static local IP. 04 -
> Create a port forwarding for 80 (http server) and 443 (https
> secure server) ports to your FreedomBox IP (made static). 04 -
> Leave the router interface, your public IP should now provide a 
> direct access to your FreedomBox (use http://myip.datasystems24.de
> to find out your public IP).
> How to create a DNS name with GnuDIP 01 - Access to GnuIP login
> page (answer Yes to all pop ups) 02 - Click on "Self Register" 03 -
> Fill the registration form (Username and domain will form the 
> public IP address [username.domain]) 04 - Take note of the
> username/hostname and password that will be used on the FreedomBox
> app. 05 - Save and return to the GnuDIP login page to verify your
> username, domain and password (enter the datas, click login). 06 -
> Login output should display your new domain name along with your 
> current public IP address (this is a unique address provided by
> your router for all your local devices). 07 - Leave the GnuDIP
> interface and open the Dynamic DNS Client app page in your
> FreedomBox. 08 - Click on "Set Up" in the top menu. 09 - Activate
> Dynamic DNS 10 - Choose GnuDIP service. 11 - Add server address
> (gnudip.datasystems24.net) 13 - Add your fresh domain name
> (username.domain, ie [username].freedombox.rocks) 14 - Add your
> fresh username (the one used in your new IP address) and password 
> 15 - Add your GnuDIP password 16 - Fill the option with
> http://myip.datasystems24.de (try this url in your browser, you
> will figure out immediatly)
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