[Freedombox-discuss] owncloud - php DB driver - broken upgrade

juh juh+freedombox at mailbox.org
Tue Mar 15 16:59:14 UTC 2016

Am 15.03.2016 um 17:28 schrieb J.D. Bean:
> Similarly took a quick look and it certainly does look promising.
> Surprised I'd actually never seen it before (that I can recall).
> One potential stumbling block that I'll note is that according to the
> FAQ[1]:
>> Since Cozy is a personal server, it doesn't support multiple user accounts.
> Unsure how much of an issue that will be if everything else checks out
> and this gets in to Debian. Doesn't seem like multi-user is on the road
> map for the project.

I agree. This is a potential block. And it is really sad. I had it
running on my Pi 2 and it was fast and responsive.

There is an image for Raspi.


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