[Freedombox-discuss] apt upgrade creates eth0 network interface

Dietmar ndcdhimdsa at gmx.de
Thu May 12 19:07:44 UTC 2016


I did yesterday an 'apt upgrade' (my impression is that
unattended-upgrades are not working, but no proof yet, no error messages
in the log).
The result was that I had a new network interface 'eth0' again, which
was activated, additionally to the 'FreedomBox WAN'.
I had to remove (via Plinth) eth0 to have access from the outside to the
box again. 
It's the 2nd or 3rd time I am observing this. So my impression is that
some configuration is getting overwritten during the upgrade process. 
Has anyone else observed this?

Also, I observed that my domain name was not listed any more in the
name-services. I had to enter it again to find it activated. The same
root cause?

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