[Freedombox-discuss] Update: 403 error, Shaarli, and success with ikiwiki.

A. F. Cano afc at shibaya.lonestar.org
Thu Nov 10 03:16:44 UTC 2016

Earlier I wrote:
>  ...
>  I could swear I was able to access Shaarli before, at the url
>  [1]http://fbx/shaarli/ but now I only get a blank page, both with chromium and
>  firefox.  If I click on the "shaare link" button (that's only installed in
>  firefox) it calls up
>  [2]http://fbx/shaarli/?do=login&post=<the long address to save>
>  And then it works fine.
>  But if I go to [3]http://fbx/shaarli/?do=login
>  I do get the login page but then I invariably get "Wrong login/password"
>  when I type it in, and a blank page when I use the saved (in firefox)
>  login/password.  This is the same one that works in the line with the
>  post directive above.  Something strange is going on here...

After more testing, I can confirm that there is a problem with Shaarli
in the "testing" freedombox.  Possibly the result of multiple upgrades
causing some incompatibility.  Many libs have been upgraded recently.

I presume no one is using Shaarli?  Is Shaarli not being

I did install ikiwiki and have tested it from both inside and outside.
No 403 error.  It works just fine.  Obviously I have a lot more to
learn about how a freedombox works.

Thanks Dietmar for your help.


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